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Legal Videography in Charlotte, NC

Trained Videographers in the aspects of physical evidence recognizing the requirements of Rule 30 of the Federal Rules Of Civil Procedures. Preparation of evidence so it cannot be impeached. Proper methods of presenting evidence in courtrooms.

Partial List Of Services:

  • Day-in-the-Life-of Documentaries
  • Settlement Documentaries
  • Depositions
  • Video & Audiotape Duplication
  • DVD Production & Duplication
  • CD-R Production & Duplication
  • Videotaping of Scenes of Incidents
  • Proof of Damages
  • Evidence Of Insurance Fraud
  • Video Wills
  • Pre-Construction Surveys
  • Audio Cleaning & Enhancement (conversations on cell phones, etc. removing background noise)
  • Photos from Videotape
  • Transcription Services of Videotapes.
  • Forensic Audio.